Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Couch Is Dead!

Now’s the time folks!! I may just be quite a bit closer to getting my home theater seating because the boys...and I’m including my dear husband…have demolished my couch in the den.

I’m not a bit happy about this…unless it means that I can get some really neat reclining seats to replace the couch. Right now there are two bricks holding the couch up…sheesh…can you believe it?? They were wrestling, not outside, but on my couch! Can we say LIVID?

Anyway, I do think that theater seating would be really neat in our den. We don’t actually have that home theater look but I think the nice leather seats would go well. I am a little concerned though, can I possibly keep my children…and husband…from breaking them completely down?? Sigh….I just don’t know….

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