Friday, August 31, 2007

Don't Eat the Worm...Nooooo!

When I think of tequila, I think about that scene in Urban Cowboy where “Wes” chews up the worm at the bottom of his tequila bottle. Ack…and another ack!! I mean really, that is so disgusting and is one of the main reasons I’ve never really been gung ho on tequila.

Recently, I’ve been reading about tequila over at The Tequila Guy and I’ve found some things that have made me start to change my mind about this drink. It’s not only the drink with the worm in the bottom or the drink that gives you a major hangover, it’s a drink that can be quite sophisticated. Of course, that caught my attention since I, myself, am so very sophisticated! Lol!!

Check out The Tequila Guy because I’m sure you’ll find out some neat things like I did!


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