Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Furniture Shopping...Still

So, you know that I’ve been shopping for a couch for our den since the boys have completely broken it down. I really like the recliner seating like in home theaters but I’m starting to think that would not be the best choice. I think something like this sectional would be a better choice for Living Room furniture. I don’t know though…this is such a tough decision. I need to do some measuring...

Lately, I have been doing some shopping at Furniture From Home. I think the prices are really good and I love that they have free shipping! I also like that the site shows several different photos of the different pieces of furniture. It’s very easy to navigate…and did I tell you that the prices are great?!

After I replace the couch, I’m going to head over to the furniture home office section to look for a computer desk and a chair. I really need a good chair so I can blog in comfort!! After that, I’m going to check out the bedroom furniture for my bedroom….it’s so time for a bedroom makeover!


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