Friday, August 24, 2007

Question About Protein Drinks

I’m not a body-builder. I knew one in college and I was always amazed at the care she took in the food she ate, didn’t eat, how she exercised and how she looked right before a competition. She was really quite impressive.

Of course, since my friend was a body-builder, she had plenty of protein drinks and shakes on hand. I was surprised to find that these drinks were quite tasty! I guess I figured they would be gritty with a bland taste.

Now, I have a question. Are protein drinks like muscle milk just for body-builders or could something like this be used to help with maintaining your sugar level throughout the day? I know that basically, body-builders use these drinks to help their muscles grow and bounce back after exercise…but could these drinks be used by people who are not body-builders…or is that just stupid?? I'd like some advice here. Lol!!
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