Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beginning Band Began!

Yesterday we took the guys to their first Beginning Band Practice. Both boys were traumatized because we weren't able to pick up the music books and they don't have their instruments yet. We have a trumpet on the way for Jake, but we still are trying to find a baritone for Nik. They are pretty excited about learning to play these instruments...and I am too! I can play the flute but I haven't in ages...I hope that I can give these instruments a whirl...or maybe I'll just stick with my flute...

Before we left to go to band practice, I managed to pull the hot water handle out the wall...before getting the hot water turned off! And there I was with hot water spewing out of the wall and no way to turn it off. Since our house is older, the water cut-off was by the road...and so we lost ALL of our water...sigh....and just because I wanted to be clean! lol!!

When I got back home, a dear friend had stopped by and fixed the handle and turned the water back on....thank you, thank you, thank you friend....for I had to potty VERY bad! lol!!

What a D-A-Y!!!
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Sonya said...

Man, you must be working out! It seems that everytime you've touched something this week, you've muscled it out of it's home! Didn't you just do something to the shower? LOL!