Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Musicals Contest!

Pete and I love musicals…often you can catch us singing a tune from one of our favorites. Here recently I have not been able to stop singing that “Lonely Goat Herder” song from Sound of Music!! I’m getting really good at yodeling!!

Anyway…I think the kids would really enjoy musicals too and that’s why were going to try to watch one musical a week. I’m gonna count it as school….it’s learning, right?? Yep…it is!!

Pete and I have a mental list of the musicals we want to share with the kids and then there’s a list of ones we would like to see too. I haven’t seen Phantom of the Opera yet…can you believe it?! I’d love any suggestions you all may have!

For those of you who like musicals also, there is a neat contest going on over at Musical Theatre. You have the chance to win one of four Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals on dvd or cd…your choice! How neat is that?!

Head on over right now to the Musical Theater Spot to get all the contest details. Cool!!

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