Monday, August 20, 2007

Charm Bracelet Info Please

I’ve always wanted a charm bracelet. I have no idea what type of bracelet is used for these charm bracelets…I know there has to be spaces to add the charms but other than that I have no idea. There’s Figaro, Curb, Mariner….which one is best??

This design is called Antilles…would it work? It looks like it would work to me, but then again I’m pretty clueless.I’d really appreciate some advice! My birthday is coming up soon and I’m sure someone would love to purchase me a gold bracelets for my charms! Hint, Hint…Dad, Pete, Nik and Jake….anyone! lol!!
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Charlotte said...

I think that bracelet is pretty. I have a silver one that I wear only to special occasions. it's so nice too.

Anonymous said...

I think it would work. I love charm bracelets as well and they never go out of style.