Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Interesting Sites or Blogs I Would Like to Share!

  1. Rosetta Rants
  2. The Birds and the Beads
  3. CRAFT Magazine
  4. JuJu Loves Polka Dots
  5. The Wish Jar Journal
  6. Instructables
  7. Turkey Feathers
  8. Sublime Stitching
  9. DonorCycle
  10. Plugged In Online

Check more "tens" over at Ten on Tuesday
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Irishcoda said...

Hi Jenny, happy T on T! Will be back to check out your links, I'm always looking for new reads. And you like to read books too!!!!

Hootin'Anni said...

#s 2 and 3 interest me by just the titles...great list.

Mine's posted

Patois said...

I've clicked through quite a few of yours. Cool list.

Crysm said...

Great List... I just posted my first list!!

Lavender said...

Hi Jenny! {{{{blushing}}}} Aw shucks for having The Birds and The Beads in your list, Im so glad you still like to visit!
Im going to treat myself to checking out your other list members - right now!