Friday, August 31, 2007

My Dream Home...Found!

Well, folks….I have found my dream home! The only thing not so good about it is that I would have to move a long way away and I wouldn’t be able to get together with my buddies. I could always make new friends…I would have silver and gold friends then! You know…from that song “Make new friends but keep the old…some are silver and the others gold”.

Anyway, this is only one of the many homes in the Phoenix real estate market. There was another home that I liked really well but it was a little to big for us and I just love the few from this home…just beautiful! Don’t you think??

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Jeremy said...

This actually looks like my kind of dream home too. Not sure that it's withing my budget but that's another story. I could use a few more treas though that would be nice.

charleston forge said...

I will make sure and bookmark this page, I will come back to follow you more.