Thursday, August 21, 2008

School Shooting In TN

I was checking out the online news sites to see if there was anything that caught my attention...and I found this report. I was surprised to find that this shooting took place in Knoxville, TN...where I grew up and where my family still lives. It is incredibly sad that things like this happen...

Ryan McDonald was the teen who was shot. Let's all remember his family in our prayers and let us all remember to pray for the children who saw this happen. My heart breaks for them too...I would hate for my children to witness such a shocking event.

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Few Name Changes

OK...I think I've figured it out...for a little while!

The new name here is "Sheesh-a-Moley". Yes, it used to be the name of my crafty goodness blog, but I moved it...yes...I did. Sheesh-a-Moley fits this blog. So there...I know, I's confusing. I can't help it...that's just how I roll right now! lol!!

I have always have mixed feelings about kids in entertainment. There are some kids who have parents that are crazy psycho about getting them the best roles and opportunities…not necessarily to help the child but to help themselves. You see this frequently….living through the child. It’s not just happening in entertainment because I’ve seen it on the football field too!

Anyway, just as there are those parents who are psycho-crazy, there are also parents who genuinely desire to help their child realize his dream. Fortunately for these parents there is! is a membership based networking organization for children who want to get into acting, singing, dancing, etc. It’s not a talent agency, but members do get to learn the necessary skills in entertainment and they also get the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences. Some members even get to be on a tv show!

I think is a great idea because it seems to be a way to give both parents and children a good idea of what it is like to work in the entertainment industry and to work with the industry’s professionals. I also think it’s a great way to actually meet those talent scouts!

Seriously, I just like this whole concept…it seems like a more responsible and respectful way for parents to let their child “get their feet wet” in an industry that does not have a stellar image!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Needing More Help!

Our son, Gus, who passed away at 16 months, was profoundly and bilaterally deaf. Most insurance companies DO NOT pay for hearing aids…ours was one of those that did not. We were fortunate enough to get help from a local group that flat out paid for Gus’ hearing aids which were $10,000 a pair. A lot of people are not in the same situation that we were and they are having to pay for their child’s hearing aids out of pocket. If that had been our case, Gus would not have had the hearing aids. I think it is very important for any child who has been diagnosed as hard-of-hearing or deaf, to have the equipment he/she needs.

The organization I blogged for this past Saturday is one that advocates for these kids….they too feel that deaf children should have the equipment they need. Seriously, it makes me sad that we even have to have an organization to do this….it should be an automatic thing that we do…take care of our children. I’m simple though…I guess it’s much deeper than that….

Anyway, I know that money is really tight for all of us right now and that’s why I am thrilled that Nessa has set up a way for you all to donate to Blogathon 2008 without spending a dime!! Please head over to her blog and read all the details…it takes less than a minute, won’t cost you a single cent, and she’s giving away prizes!! Woohoo!!

Of course, if you want to donate more you certainly can. All you need to do is click here and then send me an email at pdoriot(at)chartertn(dot) net or leave a comment and tell me the amount you’ve donated. I will post your name…unless you wish to remain anonymous. I only ask you to send me the amount so I can keep track goal-wise!

CURRENT DONATIONS: $155 only $345 more to go!!


Kidd Dynamite

Nessa and Gang in memory of Serena who recently passed away.

Crazy Tanya


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blogathon 2008

This is a sticky post...please scroll down for current posts!

For more information and instructions on donating, please click HERE!


Nessa, from Absolutely Moms and According to Me, has graciously offered all of her monies earned from her Lilaguide registrations!! Lilaguide is a new site with lots of different communities. Nessa has started a group for WAH or SAH moms where we can exchange tips and ideas, read product reviews and even find great blogs to read! This community is new and is growing daily...I know you don't want to miss out on this!! Even if you are not a WAH or SAH mom yet, you are still welcome...heck, even if you're not a mom yet, come on in! lol!!

Sign-up is easy-peasy. All you have to do is sign up here and when you do so, Nessa will make as bit of money which she will be sending to me as a donation for Blogathon 2008. So see, you can donate even if you have absolutely no money cool is that!?

Seriously, this is so easy....just a smidge of time and you've joined a cool group AND you've helped make a difference in the life of a deaf child! So do it...ok?

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Are You Financially Fit?

There was a time in the not so distant past that Pete and I were financial misfits. Pete made enough money for us to live comfortably, but we thought we were dirt poor! We would whine and complain about how we needed more money for this and more money for that…it was always about getting more “stuff”. Those of you who have been in that frame of mind know how draining it can be to always be chasing “stuff”. We were in need of some serious Debt help and quick!

It wasn’t until Gus was born and our medical bills sky-rocketed as Pete’s job was eliminated, that we truly felt what it was like to be poor. We made it through that time with God’s provisions through family and friends.

After Gus died, Pete and I were given the wonderful opportunity to “start-over”….completely over. We chose to look at this hard time not as a burden but rather a chance to do things right. For the past two years we have strived to make wise financial decisions and I think we’ve done pretty well. We still have a long way to go though….we wiped out our retirement and still have no emergency fund, but those things will come.

When I got the opportunity to take the Bills IQ test to see how “financially fit” we are, I was eager to see what our score would be….and I’m happy to say that we scored an 89!! We don't have a good budget and we don't have a good "life plan"...though I thought our life plan was rather detailed! lol!!

Anyway, I went back and took the test again and answered the questions based on our past practices and we made a 55! Seriously, folks…I’m very pleased and thankful that we have made some positive changes. Like I wrote earlier though, we still have some problem areas. I’m inspired to better though…

What a neat financial IQ quiz….you should try it out too!!

Fish Pedicure

Would you stick your feet into a pedicure foot bath and let little fish come and nibble the dead skin from your feet? At first, I thought this practice was quite disgusting, but the more I think about it, it makes sense and I think I could get used to the fish nibbles.

There are several concerns I have though....what if I were to accidentally squish one with my foot and what happens when the fish are full?? I mean seriously, what if I paid for a fish pedicure and the fish in my personal foot bath no longer wanted to eat dead skin....would I get a refund or what?? These are things I need to know! lol!!

I'm glad that fish pedicures are given in individual some places, the fish eat in a communal pool....ewwww. I know that's a normal thing in some places, but...ewwww!!! Click here to see some neat photos of the little nibblers....and a few communal pools...ewwww!!

Seoul Advice has written about a much better option in "Doctor Fish Cafe in Kangnam". Now that I could do no problem!!! I know it's kinda communal....but there's food and drinks involved which makes a difference! Seoul Advice didn't dig the drinks, but the photos of the drinks look very yummy...and the bread looks yummy too. Seriously, I think this looks fun...the communal pool..not so much! lol!!

Have you ever had a fish pedicure???

Friday, July 18, 2008

CAT6 Clueless

Ok…so I have this opportunity to blog about CAT 6 products and I’m doing what I always do when I have no idea what something is….I search using such keywords such as, “CAT 6 for dummies”. Most of the time, I am able to find a site that explains things in an easy manner so that I completely understand. There are sometimes though, that I am still completely confused. This is one of those times! I know that CAT6 has to do with cables and such, but any info past that and my mind turns to mush! Lol!!

Sooo…can I just have you click the link above so you can check out these CAT 6 products??? Please and thank you!

Lightening Strikes and Powder

I don't need to tell you that lightening strikes can be deadly. I ALWAYS make my kiddos come in when a storm is just makes me too nervous for them to be out in weather like that. I just read about a 26 year old woman, Marina Sadykova, who was struck by lightening while she was sunbathing. She was talking on her cell phone...according to the police, the cell phone was melted in her hand. It's thought that the increase in lightening strikes like this is because of the increase in the use of "portable electronic technology" such as cell phones and music players. I've not put a tremendous amount of thought into this, but at first glimpse, I think it's pretty scary, don't you? I mean really, there you are talking on the phone or listening to your favorite song and've been hit! Sheesh-a-Moley!!

Anyway....reading the article reminded me of the movie Powder. Jeremy Reed, aka Powder, was an albino teen who had extraordinary powers...he was able to use more of his brain than anyone had ever been able to do. While he was in utero, his mother was struck by lightening and died. This strike gave Powder incredible powers. His father turns away from him because of his appearance and he ends up living with his grandparents. He is kept in the cellar where he basically experiences the world through books. In fact, he memorizes all of them!

The movie progresses and you see Powder realizing more and more that he is different. You also see how deeply he wants to be loved and be "normal" like everyone else. He does meet a nice girl who does accept him, however, her father puts a quick end to that!

I really enjoyed the movie...I even cried in several places. My heart just broke for Powder when he talked about the worst day of his life....the day he was born (he remembered his dad being disgusted by his appearance!) The ending of the movie was surprising to involved lightening and no, I'm not going to tell you what happened! You'll have to watch the movie!!

It's Humid!

It’s been so humid here lately…almost unbearable. I think it’s been bad this summer because I complained about being cold all winter! Lol!! You know we humans are soooo hard to please!!

Fortunately, we can escape all the humidity inside our home. I’ve been in houses that feel even more humid inside than it is outside…ack! Seriously, these homes are in dire need of a few Santa Fe dehumidifiers to make it more pleasant….and to keep the mold from growing!! Mold and mildew heart humid conditions….

I like that this dehumidifier looks like a piece of furniture. I wonder if it’s available in wood tones???

Monday, July 14, 2008

Prayers for Maddie's Family

Update: Maddie died late last night. Please continue to pray for this family....

UPThis is from Gus' Gang:

I usually don't post information or photos without permission, but I felt led to do so this time. I think it is because Pete and I have been where this family is right at this moment and we know how the power of prayer can envelope us in peace. That is exactly what I want all of us to pray...that the family of Maddie Harrill will feel that peace of God that goes far beyond our own understanding.

Maddie has cancer and has been given a poor prognosis. I believe she is currently at East Tennessee Children's Hospital which is where we spent so much time. I know that the whole family is being cared for well by the nurses and doctors there...we were so I imagine they are too.

Her parents are hurting, yet they remain full of faith. Folks, watching your child die is so very hard so please, please, please make time to pray for this family today. I rejoice that Maddie will soon be seeing the glories of Heaven, but my heart is breaking for her mom and dad. Of course, there is always hope that Maddie will be healed her on earth, but sometimes the miracle of healing takes place not on this side of Heaven. Regardless, God has Maddie in his hands...

You can read more about Maddie...and see some great photos....over at her Carepage. Type in MaddieHarrill as one word.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Back Up Glasses

When I had to get new glasses, I had to wait a long time. It was just a week, but that is a long time if you really need your glasses to see! I have been planning to get a back up pair for awhile now just in case I break my glasses again. I really, really don’t want to go through all of that again and I know Pete doesn’t either since I complained the whole time! Lol!!

One place that offers a great price on glasses is Glasses start at $8 and there are quite a few of those $8 glasses that are quite stylish! I figured at that price, the glasses would be terribly ugly, but they are not at all. And if you’re wondering if this online glasses store is a “deal or a dud”, be sure to check out Zenni on Fox!

Rent a Convertible

Quite a few summers ago, Pete thought it would be a great idea to buy a little used convertible. He loved that car…I tolerated it. I think I would have liked it more if it were a bigger model. Pete talks often of getting another convertible. I guess he just really likes to feel the wind swoosh over his big ol’ bald head! Lol!!

I think it would be neat to get a convertible car rental for the day and just drive around with the top down. I know that gas prices are high right now, but this would just be for the day…and we probably wouldn’t drive the whole day. We’d stop for lunch and some shopping. I know exactly where we would go…Blowing Rock, NC!

I really do think renting a car could be affordable, especially with discounts up to 50% off at Advantage. There are many different specials for different cities and regions…that convertible we would rent would be around $20 a day with a special code I found at the site! Neat!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pond's Towelettes Freebie

Back in April, I got the opportunity to blog about the movie Mamma Mia and a contest that was being sponsored by Pond's. As a "thank you", I was sent a package of Pond's towelettes to try. I've tried other towelettes and I've not been very impressed. These, however, were great! They cleaned better than the other brands I've tried and I would definitely buy them...even without a coupon! lol!! (Though if you are with Pond's and are reading this....I am a poor college student with three children and could certainly use some coupons! lol!!)

If you want to give these towelettes a try head on over here and sign up for your freebie!!

The Dinghy

Have you ever been in a dinghy? Pete and I were fortunate (ha!) enough to get the opportunity to ride in one as we were being ferried to shore from a catamaran. The dinghies that were used on this catamaran were inflatable boats and seriously, I don’t know how they carried us all. Quite a few of us crowded onto one dinghy and zipped to shore. I didn’t like it one bit! Lol!!

After a bit of time on shore, it was time to head back to the catamaran. We were taken to a dock where we kind of had to jump down into the dinghy. Let me tell you friends, chunky people don’t like to jump down into dinghies and I would think that the skinnies already in the dinghy would prefer we chunkies not jump either!! Lol!! We did though…and all was well.

Sheesh….that was soooo awkward!

Honor Killing

A Georgia dad is charged with the killing of his 25 year old was an "honor killing". Apparently the daughter was bringing the family shame because she wanted out of her arranged marriage. I think the whole arranged marriage thing is bad enough, but to be put to death by your own father is just horrific. If you search "honor killing", you will find several other women who have been murdered because they are supposedly bringing their family shame. I just don't get it, do you?? It's the people who are doing the killing that are shameful cowards.

The news that I read reported that this kind of domestic violence happens more often than we realize....isn't that sad?

Blow Up World

Seriously, I’m so tired of buying these globes on a stand from Walmart. The world always falls off it’s stand and goes rolling across the floor….and then someone comes along and kicks it across the floor because it’s round so it must be a ball and if it’s a ball then it must be kicked, right?! Sheesh-a-moley!

I think this globe is a much better option for us, don’t you? Granted, it might get popped, but it’s less likely to dent the wall, ya know? I love toys that are educational and save my sanity!!

Now, before I get comments about how my kids shouldn’t be kicking the globe, let me tell you that it’s ME that is the globe-kicker. I know, I know, it’s shameful, but I just can’t help it. If the stinkin’ thing would stay on its stand I wouldn’t have this glove issue! Sheesh!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Repurposing Barbie

I so need to visit Craft more often...I tend to forget what a cool place it is!! Earlier, I found the "Vital Organs" pattern and just now I came across this really cool anatomical jewelry using parts of Barbie...very, very neat! The artist is Margaux Lange, who not only has a cool name but is a very clever artist...I just love these pieces! Cool!

Which is Cheaper?

So, with gas prices so high, is it cheaper to drive or to fly? Is there some kind of fuel calculator thingy out there that we can use??

We don’t have travel plans for this summer because Pete and I are both in school, but if we did plan to travel we would probably drive because that’s what we’ve always done. I do like to fly though…so maybe it’s time to start checking out flight deals and seeing if those are more affordable.

Of course, if we were going where we want to go, to the Caribbean, we’d have to fly anyway, right?! Lol!

Where are YOU going this summer and how are you getting there?

Vital Organs

I absolutely love Sublime Stitching patterns! They are completely neat and very creative and if you've not visited the site then you are missing out,my friend.

I just read over at Craft that Sublime Stitching has a new line of patterns available...and that one set is called "Vital Organs"!! Woohoo!! I so have to have this set...I love it!!