Monday, July 14, 2008

Prayers for Maddie's Family

Update: Maddie died late last night. Please continue to pray for this family....

UPThis is from Gus' Gang:

I usually don't post information or photos without permission, but I felt led to do so this time. I think it is because Pete and I have been where this family is right at this moment and we know how the power of prayer can envelope us in peace. That is exactly what I want all of us to pray...that the family of Maddie Harrill will feel that peace of God that goes far beyond our own understanding.

Maddie has cancer and has been given a poor prognosis. I believe she is currently at East Tennessee Children's Hospital which is where we spent so much time. I know that the whole family is being cared for well by the nurses and doctors there...we were so I imagine they are too.

Her parents are hurting, yet they remain full of faith. Folks, watching your child die is so very hard so please, please, please make time to pray for this family today. I rejoice that Maddie will soon be seeing the glories of Heaven, but my heart is breaking for her mom and dad. Of course, there is always hope that Maddie will be healed her on earth, but sometimes the miracle of healing takes place not on this side of Heaven. Regardless, God has Maddie in his hands...

You can read more about Maddie...and see some great photos....over at her Carepage. Type in MaddieHarrill as one word.


bokjae said...

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bokjae said...

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Jemi said...

I don't know where Maddie is at this time, I will surely include her in my prayers, as well as her family.

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