Monday, August 20, 2007

A Corner Desk It Is!

I’ve been looking at computer desks for awhile now. I’ve seen a lot of different styles but I’m still not 100% certain about what I want exactly. This is when I really like for Pete to step in and make some suggestions. Now, a lot of times, his suggestions need to be ignored ‘cause the man just doesn’t have what we call “the decorating skills”! This time, however, I think he just might be right when he suggested that we start looking at corner desks.

Could I possibly keep this one cleaned off?? That’s my only concern…there are the drawers though that I could open up and sweep everything into….hmmmm….I like this new idea!!

This desk is manufactured by Bush furniture . The color is great and it seems to have a lot more desk space than I have now. I would want to do something with the printer though…I wish there were some way to kind of camouflage it….we’ll have to be creative with that!


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