Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Science Experiments of the Year!

Everyone gathered around to see Nik do his first science experiments of the year. Belle, his lab assistant, was there in all her goofy wonkiness. Experiment #1 was about density. Can you tell that I am a very dedicated homeschool mom?? Did you notice my Southern Living hurricane vase/thingy that is being used for this experiment? I recommend a tall glass...which we did not have! lol!

Nik pouring in the corn syrup.

Here you can see all four layers...corn syrup, water and oil.

Nik's drawing for his lab book.

This is my favorite photo...Belle's look just cracks me up! And look at those ravioli stained lips...well, actually you may have noticed that all my kids have that ravioli stain going on. Note to self: clean your kids up before doing any science experiments....

Here you can see that each layer is a different density...Nik dropped a rock, grape, cork and ice cube into my Southern Living hurricane vase/thingy...what was I thinking?????

On to Experiment #2 which focused on the movement of atoms.

One cup is filled with boiling water and the other with cold water. One...only one...drop of food coloring was added to each glass and we observed how well the coloring mixed with the two different temps. Even Science Dog was excited about this one...look at that pleasant smile on his face!

This is the food coloring in the cold water....

And that's it folks...until next time when I share some of the chaos surrounding our upcoming chemical reaction experiment....Fun!
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Misty Dawn said...

Wow - what great experiments, and it looks like good quality family time too! I love the expression on your daughter's face - priceless!

Charlotte said...

Look at the cool experiment. I can't wait until Olivia is old enough for her to start doing these kinds of things.

I love the hurricane too! I have one but don't use it.

Anna said...

I love science experiments!