Thursday, August 9, 2007

Apparently I Talk Too Much!

Well, folks...a week or so ago, I decided to DC the Zoloft. I've gone through the icky sicky stomach feeling and the headaches and now I think I'm over that big hurdle. The one thing that I've noticed though is that several people have cut me off...mid conversation....what's the deal??

Oh my I talking too much!? I swear...I think now that I'm not pumping Zoloft through my body I am talking more....hmmmm.....maybe I just have a lot to say....nope, it's probably the lack of meds. But you know....I like me like this so if I talk too much you'll just have to walk away...don't worry....I'll just keep on talking!

Dad suggested that I get a timer so I can keep track of how long I've droned on and on....good idea Dad! Here's the timer I want and the link where you can purchase it for me!!

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dawnae said...

Cute time....but you don't talk to much!!! I promise!!!

Marye said...

keep talking. in some more..TAG youre it...

Nikki said...

Yes keep talking!!
I suppose I am the opposite!
I used to be so shy and never talk. Now I'm on Prozac and I never shut up! I have also noticed ppl cutting me off. Hmmm LOL.

Sassy said...

I stopped taking my Zoloft about 3 weeks ago, and I can really tell it. I'm more emotional now than before. But I wanted completely off of medication. So I quit cold turkey.

And I agree, keep talking I love your blog!!