Monday, August 13, 2007

Cuckoo For Cuckoos!

One of the memories that Pete has of his grandmother is that she owned a cuckoo clock. Apparently, this clock fascinated him because it’s one of the first things he mentions when the family is reminiscing about Grandmother Toe (really Jo but my kids couldn’t say Jo!). I’ve never actually seen a cuckoo clock in person but I can imagine it is a neat thing…especially for children. I think the little house and the little folk doing different things around the house are just so wonderful and of course, we can’t forget the “cuckoo”!!

There are a lot of beautiful cuckoo Clocks at 1-800-4CLOCKS. I like this one because of all the “littles”…the more “littles” the better!! I can see this hanging in our den…and I can see me laying on the couch looking at the clock and daydreaming about my home in the Black Forest….wonder if I would have to clean house there or would I have a maid?!

Now, if cuckoo clocks are not your thing, you could always opt for a Grandmother clock! I’ve heard of Grandfather clocks but I’ve never heard of a Grandmother clock. These clocks are smaller than the Grandfather clocks and are good for smaller homes. Well, you learn something new everyday don’t you!

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