Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday Thirteen..On My Mind

Thirteen Things on My Mind Right Now...This Very Moment!

1. I want to build this lemonade stand.

2. There is not one single Chris Rice song that I have not completely loved...not one!

3. Camy Tang's book Sushi for One (available Sept.) is very hard to put down! Really...this book has kept me up until 3am for the past three nights...I love it and can't wait for the next in the series...and these are not even my "type" of books! lol!!

4. We're going to be making a chicken mummy this year in school! Cool!

5. Josh had a neat tie on this morning....the colors...they popped! Inspiration for a new mini quilt...maybe?? I wish I had a picture of it...maybe I could flag him down on his way home from work and then whip out my camera and quickly snap a shot...hmmm...I think I could do it. He understands my strangeness...heck...he even encourages it! This is a nice tie too...reminds me of my never-ending ripple ghan I'm working on....By the way, Josh is Sparkle's dad!

6. I need to clean my I let Belle and Stephanie clean them and I think they used butter....

7. Why does playing Bibleopoly bring out the worst in me?

8. I'm really excited about getting school started this year...and not because of the King Cluck Chicken Mummy...well...ok, that does have a bit to do with it!!

9. When I order up a "White With 5" my kids know that I want this: coffee with 5 Splendas in a white mug!
10. My SIL just called to talk to Pete...and she sounded like she was starting to cry! I asked her what was wrong...thinking something horrible had was only a banana, folks! She was eating a banana....never, ever call me when you are eating a freaks me sounds like you are about to cry...really, it does! lol!

11. Even though I am listening to my awesome Pandora Chris Rice channel I created during the Blogathon, I am unable to get the "Lonely Goat Herder" song out of my head....

12. If I only I could yodel and clog...imagine where that would take me....oh the possibilities!

13. I think if I could learn to yodel, I would be able to clean my house really fast...

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marye said...

A chicken mummy? :0
Hey...I HAVE chickens...does it have to start out dead? :)
I am going ot have to do this thurday thirteen thing sometime. :)

dawnae said...

Chicken mummy...well that is a new one, I had never heard of that. Fun list...really like the white with five coffee thing...cute! Have a great day.

Sonya said...

We could SO learn to yodel and clog! We could go on tour and Pete and the boys could provide our music with their tubas and such! Oh yeah!

The chicken mummy, not so much :-o) We can do that experiment/project at your house!

Camy Tang said...

I'm so glad you liked the book! Thanks!

What in the world is a chicken mummy???


Camy Tang said...

I guess the more accurate question should be: WHY a chicken mummy???