Saturday, August 11, 2007

This Explains Sooooo Much!

So, I've just read that playing Mahjongg can trigger "decision-making epilepsy". I play this game all the time!! No wonder I can never make up my mind about where to go eat! lol!!

And now, for your heapin' helping of epileptic fit, I offer you Mahjongg links! Enjoy...exercising your brain is cool....

Moraff's MahJongg 1.1
3-D Magic MahJongg
Solitaire MahJongg...seriously, I almost had a fit...I've never seen this site before....there are a gazillion bajillion different MahJongg links here...with screenshots! Yowsie!! Now my house will never be

Do you MahJongg??

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Sassy said...

Jenny you have made my day. Now that the girls are back in school I can play all day. LOL I used to play all the time on Pogo then I canceled my subscription. Woo Hoo I'm back in business now!!

Karen said...

LOL, I LOVE Mahjongg:-)