Monday, August 27, 2007

Karl Blog...Neat Find!

Random Acts of Kindness, quotes, factoids and more…..What a great blog Karl Moore has created!

I love bits of trivia and quotes…I’ve been collecting quotes since I was young. I even have a file folder of quotes written on notebook paper that has, over the years, yellowed! Yep…it’s been a long time!!

And what about all this talk of Random Acts of Kindness…how can you not be inspired to reach out and be kind? What a neat idea to randomly be kind….and how inspiring and encouraging we are being to each other when we participate in RAOK.

Upon my first visit to Karl's blog, I knew that I would be returning. Karl posts about RAOK on Mondays and Factoids on Fridays…..with lots of motivational and inspiring stuff on the days in between. I’ve added Karl’s blog to my reader and I think you should too!!

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