Sunday, August 26, 2007

Velvety Goodness!

I’ve been talking to Pete about tossing my crappy clothes and replacing them with more stylish pieces. He thinks that’s a great idea…I guess because he’s tired of seeing my in bleach-stained t-shirts! Lol! I thought he like the bleach stained look since he loves Bleach! Those of you who know Pete know that one of his favorite things on earth is bleach…bleach takes care of everything. Got a dead possum in your backyard? Throw some bleach on it! Need gas for the car? Use bleach! Well…just kidding on that one but you get my drift!

But I digress….back to the clothing issue…

So, I’ve just been visiting a site that sells velvet clothing. Yep, velvet clothing….and it’s really nice! I think the last time I wore velvet was when I was young…very young. I don’t really recall having ever seen velvet clothing for adults…it’s probably been around and I’ve just not paid attention because I thought velvet apparel would not be appealing to me.

Wrong! I love this white top….it looks so comfortable yet so nice. I just wonder if I can keep my kiddos peanut butter and jelly hands off of my white velvet clothes?? Maybe I should check to see if there is another color…..
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