Saturday, August 11, 2007

Proof That I Really Am Planning!

It's almost school time, folks and Sonya and I are putting our mad organizational skills to use! Really, we are! In fact, Sonya has just left the computer for a bit to grab dinner and she promises to be back's a marathon planning session for us both. Can we offer a bit of advice here? Don't wait to the last minute to make your school plans! lol!!

Anywhoo...I was going to send photos to Sonya through e-mail but I can't get the stinkin' things resized so I thought I would just post them here. love with the color pink...whatever ya want to call it, I opted for this lovely pink daily agenda book. I decided to print out blank monthly calendars because this planner only has the days....and I really wanted this planner...yes, only because of it's pinky goodness!

Here are the monthly calendars and then my weekly planners. The weekly planner is from Donna Young's awesome site! I use her typable weekly planner when I'm putting together the individual plans....this is nice because I have three assignment sheets to put together weekly!~

So, see Sonya...I really am planning!!

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Sonya said...

Ok, now I have to get on with it! You're making me look bad! I'm just going to use some of the planning sheets from and call it a night! I'm going to work hard tomorrow evening after church to get my plans written down! Astronomy or Botany? Oh my!