Saturday, August 18, 2007

Turn on the Lamp...

Oh wait...we don't have a lamp!!

We are in dire need of lamps in our den. I really love to bring my sewing projects to the den so I can be with the family, but the lighting is..well…it’s pretty much non-existent!

There are several different types of lamps I would like to purchase. I have a chair that is my favorite, but there is really no room for a side table. A floor lamp would be great for this area. We’ve had one in the past, but it was one that Pete had picked up at Walmart for $6…good deal but it didn’t last long! It would also be nice for this floor lamp to have that neat touch feature…you know the one…where you touch the base and the light comes on…touch it again and it gets brighter.

I think two table lamps would be nice at each end of the couch. I like this lamp really well. The base is different and I like the shade. Of course, I could always change the shade…but I like this one!

I don’t know if my family would know what to do with all this new lighting!! Think about how many more books we could get read!

Yep, it’s time for some good lighting!!

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