Thursday, August 9, 2007

And the Winner is.......

Milo Cornbread asked if he could be the one to pick the winner of the book I let him. He was so nice when he asked how could I not let him. Hopefully, this will encourage him to be a more well-mannered dog...quite unlike his most recent behaviour!

We had to give him some yummy bread incentive because he started to fall asleep. Did I ever tell you all that he is narcoleptic? lol!!

And finally, a winner was chosen...can you see it? Yep, it's KAREN!! WoooHooo!! Congrats, Karen! I'll be sending your book out tomorrow!


Karen said...

YEA!!! I just love Milo:) Thanks so much Jenny!

blue thistle books said...

Oh he's cute! Maybe you could send him over to my house to pick the winner for the ice cream maker!


Sonya said...

Milo, you silly boy! I see you have your piggie close by :-o) I see it's little head!