Monday, August 20, 2007

A Chemical Reaction or Two!

We did a neat experiment for science today. It involved clear vinegar, baking soda and beans!! Anthocyanin is found in red cabbage.

First, we boiled us up some ol' red cabbage leaves.

While the red cabbage leaves boiled, we very diligently added the baking soda to the balloon...ok...well...we weren't diligent at all, in fact we made a huge mess and ended up not adding the full amount of baking soda....but we took care of that later!

After we regained composure after the baking soda and balloon incident, we poured the really cool blue water that we got from boiling the red cabbage leaves into this neat Prego jar.

Outside, Nik poured the clear vinegar into the pop bottle and voila! The blue liquid turns pink!! And a pretty pink too!!!

We placed the balloon filled with baking soda onto the neck of the bottle...accidentally tore the balloon...wondered if it would work...

Discovered that yes, indeed, it did work! Since we had a smaller than recommended balloon, we didn't get a huge reaction but we got one. I'll have to post about the balloon adventure another time....

Being the smart guy he is, Nik noticed that the pink liquid had not turned back to blue like it was supposed has an idea....

Since we had to use a smaller balloon, there had not been enough baking soda dumped into the pop bottle to change the pink back to blue. Being the precise kinda guy he is (not!) he poured a bunch of baking soda into the pink liquid and sure enough, it turned back to blue! Smart one he is...I'm embarrassed to say that I would not have thought about that! lol!

And this is what we got! Cool!!

Good times, folks...good times!~

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Sonya said...

Very cool! Now, slow down so we can catch up and do experiments together!