Monday, August 20, 2007

Parol for Prayers

This week we are continuing to pray for the families and missionaries in the Philippines. We made parols this morning so that we would be reminded of the prayers that these people need.

Parols are star lanterns that are used as Christmas decorations in the Philippines. Our parols are a very simple version. I used scrapbooking paper and recycled the fringe from a knitted shawl. You can find the complete activity at the Kids of Courage site. There are also more in depth projects over at

We hung ours on a branch we found out in the back yard and it's now perched on the bookshelf in the den. Fun!
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San Francisco Giants said...

I think that's so great you're praying for missionaries over in the Philippines. I'm sure that mothers all over the world are appreciative as well.

Sonya said...

Pretty neat! These will serve as a constant reminder to pray for these people!