Monday, August 27, 2007

Artificial Boulders

I have always wanted to have our yard landscaped. Right now, our yard is in such pitiful shape and it has absolutely no personality….or rather, curb appeal!

I’ve seen houses around here that have huge boulders in them with flowers and bushes at the base. What I like best is when the owners have used an uplight to bring focus to the boulder…. it looks so lovely after dark. I have also seen some rocks that have the house number on them. The number is nicely displayed and doesn’t draw attention away from the landscaping itself. We would do this since we’ve had people complain about not being able to see our house number!

It never crossed my mind that these boulders may be artificial! I know that some probably are real, but I bet the majority of these boulders are fake rocks. I also never knew that these artificial rocks are used to conceal things like pumps and faucets. That makes perfect sense but it never crossed my mind!

I think artificial boulders is a great idea. Not only do they bring character to landscaping, they also are not near as heavy as the real boulders. We know first hand the difficulties in wrangling a real boulder!!

This was last year when our local Winn Dixie had closed and a new developer was giving away the rocks. The boys found a boulder with a rope wrap around it so they thought it would be wise to lug the thing over to the van. Of course, they didn’t move the rock even a smidge! Lol!! I think it would be much easier to just order a fake boulder from Artificial Rocks Factory. Certainly wouldn’t need to work so much!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! These are supposed to be fake rocks? I've seen artificial rocks before, but none (!) of them look this realistic! The wonders of the modern age, huh? Thanks for sharing!

Artificial Rocks Factory

Sonya said...

LOL! That is too hilarious! They should be ashamed! LOL!

Love the pic of the boys pulling the rock. I can't believe y'all stole rocks from the old Win Dixie! LOL!