Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paris, France...I Want to Go!

Have you ever been to France?

I would love for Pete and I to take a trip to Paris. Of course we’d check out the Eiffel Tower and look for a tower souvenir. I’ve always wanted to have a little collection of Eiffel Tower models so I think my first one should come from the actual tower. Then we’d head on over to the Louvre to see all the magnificent pieces of art. I’m sure somewhere in the mix there will be yummy food at a café.

After a fun-filled day of seeing the sites, we’d head to our hotel. There are many Hotels in Paris so we would have picked one that is just lovely and will serve as a nice place for us to relax and refresh before we head out to experience the night life! There are quite a few Paris Hotels that are close to the sites we want to see so this makes for nice walks.

We will have planned several different things for each of the nights we are in Paris. On the agenda will be walking on the Champs Elyssées, visiting all three levels at the La Locomotive and checking out the Montmartre. I’ve heard the Montmartre is a wonderful place to visit…lots of diversity and wonderful music and food. I’ve also heard that the Sacre Coeur is just beautiful at night and that we’ll have a great view of Paris. Ahhhh….sounds like a plan to me!

If you are traveling to Paris, you’ll want to also check out these places and you’ll also want to check into all the Hôtels en Paris. There are many great deals for two or more people even if you are planning a spur of the moment trip.
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