Saturday, August 25, 2007

Well This Stinks!

Pete and I watched a good movie the other night...The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. I wasn't really sure that I wanted to watch the movie because I had not read the book yet...the book that has been sitting in my bookshelf for awhile now. Since I have a gazillion books to read for reviews, I decided to go ahead and watch the movie....I don't like to do this folks because the book is ALWAYS better than the movie and then you have all the spoilers...sigh....but then I realized that I am only one person and I just can't real all the books in the I caved!

The movie started out ok...Pete said he didnt' like it all. He had only given it around a minute...who in the world can tell if they like a movie in that amount of time? Apparently not Pete because after the movie was over, he said it was pretty good. Ha!

I liked it alot...and I would recommend it. The dad is an alcoholic and at times drops several bad-word bombs. He is also abusive. Having said all of heart was broken for him. Go figure! So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that this movie is probably not one you want to share with the kiddos!

I do have quite a bit more to say about this movie and book but you'll have to come read those thoughts over at the other Up the Hill Gang!

So...I almost forgot the part that stinks...sheesh! I was checking out the author's site because I was going to write and let her know how much I enjoyed the movie and how I was looking forward to reading the a few more gazillion things because I talk to much. This is what I found on the front page:

Dear Readers: After a long bout with cancer, Terry Ryan died peacefully at home on May 16, 2007. She had been buoyed throughout her illness by notes and calls from readers who had just finished reading the book or watching the movie, and couldn't wait to tell her how much they enjoyed it. More than anything, Tuffy Ryan loved to hear people's comments about her prize-winning mother, Evelyn, whose sense of humor and indomitable spirit surfaced so often in Terry's own response to life. After the shock of hearing her diagnosis in November of 2004, for example, Tuff said pensively, "Well, my old life is over, and my new life is just beginning." This is a legacy her fans have the privilege of carrying on every day.
This is the second author that I have planned on writing only to find out that they had died recently. That makes me sad...I would have liked to encourage signature

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