Monday, August 13, 2007

Up the Hill Academy Day 1

Oh man, we've had a good school day!! What a way to start the year...

Did you all catch the Perseid Meteor Shower? We did...and it was fantastic! Yes, you heard me right...we had our three kiddos up at 1am watching a meteor shower. We didn't last long, but for the time we were out there, we saw quite a few. Three were quite large! It's was really cool....and a perfect way to kick off a year long study in Astronomy!

We did a bit of school out on the back deck, some in the den and then Belle did some on the kitchen counter!

At 10:30, we break to have Read Aloud Time. I started reading Peace Child which really inspired Belle to write an interesting story about her PaPaw who lives in a tree. After that I read about St. Augustine of Hippo...and I completely forgot about the poem Pete read at the beginning. I let the kids color or build with legos while I read to them.

For lunch we headed down to The City Market for our annual back to school lunch. You'd think that the kids would want to go to Fazoli's or Pizza Hut...but nope, it's all about The City Market!

After our yummy lunch, schoolwork was finished, graded, filed and finished! Done!


It was a good's hoping tomorrow will be just as good!
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Sonya said...

I'm so jealous you went to City Market and did invite me! I love that place!