Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Game of 7's...A Way to Feed My Desire to Count!

I have been such a counter lately...can't help it...I just gotta count! I know I probably need medication but, in all honesty, I like to count! I frequently group things into sevens. This is my Game of 7' surfing style. I pick a blog as a starting point and then I travel to whatever blog is the 7th in their blogroll...and then I do the same at the next blog until...well...until I get tired of doing it! lol!! Like I said, I know I need medication so don't leave comments with that suggestion!!

So...on with the game!

I started at my buddy bokjae's blog, Listening...Learning....Living. I started at the bottom of his first blogroll and found myself at The Music Inside Me where I discovered what my sleep position says about me. I will never ever tell.... rule...blogs must be active for me to count them in my game!

Over at Travelogue, I found out where I can find vintage cookbooks...and then I went on over to Big Bucks Blogger. This is kinda cool...BBB is in my Google Reader...small world! lol!! If you are wanting to make some moolah with your blog, then this blog is one place you'll need to stop!

My next click took me to Tip Tail...lots of doggity goodness here, folks!

On to Pamide who was going to fix chicken breasticles (her word, not mine...but I am so stealing it!) but needed some help...wonder how they turned out??

Back Home Again is trying to id the flowers in the yard that look like "pink flamingoes" See if you know what they are...update....this just in....looks like they are "nekid ladies"!

Just checked out the Hotel over at a Tall Cool Drink of Water.

ok...that's it...I'm tired of this....yawn....might have been the photo of the bed over at the Hotel...

photo source: Little Kitchen
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