Monday, August 27, 2007


Oh my goodness, folks! Now I must have another baby soon so I can use this wonderful baby sling I received in the mail. I’ve passed it along to Sparkle’s mom and she loves it also. Let me tell you about it….

Here’s a photo of the sling itself. This fabric is a black and white toile stretch twill and has such a nice feel…it’s stretchy but not overly stretchy. I’d say stretchy with strength! The design is wonderful and is easy to wear. I love that you can go to the SlingLing site and figure out exactly what size you need.

Not only is it easy to figure out your size, there is a TON of info on this site about baby-carrying and baby slings.You’ll find tips and tricks, wearing instructions plus more. Sara, the head slingstress, has created a great product and a great site also.

I have several fabrics picked out….now I just need me a baby!
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hmmm..... nice photo.