Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blue Lagoon

I don’t struggle with Psoriasis but I do know several people who do and I get the impression that it’s not fun to deal with at all. Most people think psoriasis is just a skin condition, but it also can affect the joints…ouch!

There have been several different kinds of treatments for people who have psoriasis. One of the more appealing treatments has to be found at the Blue Lagoon - Clinic. This treatment consists of bathing in the Blue Lagoon and light therapy. Ok…this sounds nice even if you don’t have psoriasis!!

It is recommended that treatment takes place over a three to four week period, but you will see healing occur within the first week! You will need a referral from your dermatologist.

Head on over to the Blue Lagoon for all the details! Neat!!

***Sponsored by Blue Lagoon.***

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dawnae said...

this looks like a fantastic place even if you don't have psoriasis! But I'll let my brother know, since he has it.