Monday, August 20, 2007

The Egg Chef

Pete is in charge of the egg-cooking at our house....because he's the BEST!! Whether it's scrambled or dippy...or whichever way you prefer them....he's the man for the job.

When he was just a wee little guy, he told his mom that when his wife went to the hospital to get a baby that he could cook eggs! So, see, his egg cooking adventures started early...and what's neat is that he's taught my kids how to cook eggs too. This is good because I am horrible at cooking eggs...

I remember the scrambled egg dinner that Pete fixed me on 9/11....this is our anniversary and we had hoped to go out to eat but neither one of us felt like it. I was glued to the tv so Pete fixed me a big ol' plate of eggs...perfect because it was comforting and romantic! lol!

This morning, Pete treated me to some dippy eggs....I think he's a keeper.....

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Sonya said...

I never get dippy eggs when I come to your house....only stale biscuits :-o) Or 1000 pizza rolls! LOL!