Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's Good To Meet Family!

Last week, the kids and I had the honor of meeting another "Doriot". Roger and his wife, Suzanne, were in the area and stopped by for a visit! Roger and I had corresponded through e-mail a few times but this was years ago...and to be able to meet him and Suzanne was such a treat. Roger kind of has an idea how we're related...I think we figured out that his children and ours were 5th or 6th cousins...maybe!

Roger and Suzanne shared with us about their ministry to the Nalja Tribe who are in Indonesia. I was so pleased that Roger showed us photos and talked to my children about these people and their culture. What a blessing we received that day!

I have more to share with you all about how God is using Roger and Suzanne but I will be posting that a bit later this week. I have some worksheets that Roger left with me and I'm going to try to get them I have to locate a scanner!

Here are just two of my favorite photos from the ministry site. There are a ton more so be sure to zip on over there and check out the galleries! Neat!

This is Roger with some of the Nalja people.

And this, my friends, is a vine bridge...ack!! This makes my toes curl!!

Stay tuned for more!
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