Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Hate to Drive!

I hate to drive. I’m not sure why I feel this way. You would think a control-freak like myself would have it no other way…but nope…I hate to drive. I do like to go places though so there are times that I am forced to hop in the van and drive!

There are several things that make me a complete nervous wreck when I’m driving. One are those drivers who never ever turn off their turn signals…this drives me batty! Of course, then there is the driver who refuses to even use a turn signal when he wants to get into the other lane…notice how I said “he”!! The thing that completely freaks me out though are the double trailer semi-trucks. I have a fear that the second trailer is going to snap off and come over into my lane and cause big ol’ problems! I know, this doesn’t happen but it could. Bridges don’t fall either do they?! Sheesh…

So, anyway, when I’m coming up on one of these double trailer semi-trucks, I always speed up in order to get by them faster…and to get out of the way so I won’t need to be contacting a truck accident lawyer to help us out! I mean really, maybe I shouldn’t be so keyed up about these trucks but I just can’t help it. I blame it all on my Transportation professor from college….he’s the one who told me about all the dangers these semi-trucks can be. Gee whiz…here I go to college to learn some stuff and I graduate with a big truck phobia! Lol!!

Anyway, whatever…I’m still steering clear!!
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