Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why You Should Never Trust Me With Numbers!

I hate accounting…actually and kind of record keeping that requires the use of numbers drives me batty! Really, I get a lump in my throat if I have to do anything related to number crunching.

When I was in college, I was elected Treasurer of the Pan Hellenic group and I was thrilled…apparently someone out there thought I was actually intelligent enough to be able to do the job. I took the position and things proceeded to go down hill from there! I had no idea what to do…I messed up lots of different things. Finally, I fessed up to the advisor and told her that I was pretty much clueless…she said that she had figured that out some time ago!! Later that week, another more competent gal was elected to fill the newly open Treasurers office….and I was so glad!

So, needless to say, if I ever owned my own business and I had to have employees, I would never be the one in charge of payroll. I would have to have someone really good with accounting or some kind of payroll software that would take care of it all. Now, I would want to know about all the finances and I can understand all of that…it’s just the adding this and subtracting that and adding interest here and taking out 5% here but not over there…ack!! Makes me want to stick a fork in my eye!! Isn’t it nice when you know that you don’;t have certain skills?!

Now, with all this said, have I confessed that I’m a “counter”?? Yep, I have just a few OCD tendencies and I love to count things….just never, ever, ever ask me to add, subtract, divide or do whatever with anything I’ve counted! LOL!

Go ahead, Sonya…..tell me how weird I am!!! I can take it! Vive La Difference!!!!

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Sonya said...

Oh honey, you're not weird....just different! LOL!