Sunday, August 5, 2007

A New Home For Buster!

I think I have found a good home for Buster!

Buster is our old station wagon with wooden side panels. We haven’t had him for a long time, in fact I don’t even think he’s been with us for a year. He was purchased for next to nothing from a young couple who was selling off their deceased grandpappy’s stuff. The grandpappy was named James Brown and his nickname was Buster…on the front of the car there is a vanity plate that reads “Buster”. So, with just a little bit of moolah, we became the proud owners of James Brown’s car!! We were stylin’…well, as much as we could!

Buster has been a great car for us but just recently he has been…uh...well…he’s been dead! Pete’s been kind of toying around with the idea of getting him repaired but really, it probably is not the best idea for us right now. I’m thinking another used mini-van would be nice….sorry, Buster.

I think what we need to do is donate Buster to a worthy cause! I know what your thinking and no, I’m not a nutbar! You see CarAngel is a organization that takes Car Donations and auctions them off to raise funds for different charities. I like this…to think that Buster could be used to raise funds for a boy’s home for at-risk-youth, a prison ministry or even helping the homeless makes me feel good! I also like the fact that CarAngel will come and pick Buster up….that’s great!

If you have a car you would like to donate, be sure to visit CarAngel to see all the details of this program! Neat!
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Bryan @ One Man's Goal said...

I think donating Buster sounds like a great idea.

It's great to think of a car with that much "personality".

Judi said...

So sad about Buster. LOL! I miss you!

Crabbie (aka Deb) said...

LOL! I love the name of the car!! Like the idea of donating him too. Oh my, I just referred to your car as a "him." hehehe

Stacey said...

Ugh, tell it to my hubby, he refused to give up his old 99 Contour. It's got miles and miles and miles on it and shivers like a timber when it starts up! xo