Friday, August 3, 2007

Coupons...I Gots To Get Me Some!!

So….have you heard of any good deals lately? I haven’t and I’m a little disappointed in my friends for not sharing all the wonderful coupon code love they’ve found. I mean really, folks….I want to know these things! Lol!! I love to shop online and use all these killer discounts…and you all are denying me this fun!!

No, really…I have to fess up here. I haven’t been sharing all the coupon code love either and I do hope you all accept my apologies. Earlier today, I found out about where we all can go and find some great coupon codes. The neat thing about this coupon code site is that we all can add coupons when we come across them online. So, really, this is just like when we catch a good deal out in the real world and we run to call all of our friends to tell them the good deals we just got. I think this is a neat concept and I love the tagline “because friends help friends get deals”. Did you read that friends?? We gotta help each other out here by spreading all the coupon code goodness!

At you’ll find a gazillion-bazillion different stores with coupon codes…well, ok maybe not that many but there really are a lot of stores listed. It’s very easy to navigate the site and find just the store you are looking can look the store up alphabetically or by a category like “clothing”. Like I said, it’s really easy. I was able to find a Barnes & Noble coupon code very quickly!

Another neat thing I found at is a Foxfire plugin that I’ve added to my bookmark toolbar. Now when I’m at a site, I can check and see if there is a coupon code available. How cool is that?? Well, cool for me but maybe not for Pete…I can see me spending a hunk-a-chunk of money now that I’ve found these coupon codes!!

Now…I’m going shopping at B & N…fun!
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Sonya said...

Let me know if the B&N coupon works for you! I want to try it!

Anonymous said...

This is a rip-off of ... only not as good :)