Monday, July 2, 2007

Termites and the Talking Wall

Have you all seen the commercial where the woman is out gardening and the wall starts talking to her? The wall tells her about how the termites are attacking the home…then the woman jumps up and says that she’s going to call someone to come in to take care of those termites. Well….I’ll have to say I am quite disturbed with this commercial. Yes, the gal does need someone who can come in and kill termites but what about someone who can come in and take care of a “talking wall”!!! Yowsie…if my wall ever starts talking to me I’m outta there!! Even if the news I am getting is helpful! Lol!! Freak me out!

Knowing about termite infestations is important though. I don’t know a lot about the little creatures but I know that, as a homeowner, they are not welcome guest! Termites Guide is a good place to check out if you need more termite information…it’s straightforward and easy to navigate. Neat!

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