Monday, July 30, 2007

Home Theater

When we move into our dream home at the beach, I want to have a room devoted totally to entertainment. This room will be where we hang out on rainy days. Our home theater will have wonderfully comfortable recliners and a big screen tv. We’ll have enough room so our neighbors will be able to come over and watch movies with us. Oh, and wouldn’t it be neat to have one of those dvd trivia games to play on the big screen tv…as we are reclining in our leather chairs?! Cool Beans!!

These would be the recliners I would choose. I love the color and they look so very comfortable! I think it would be nice to sit in these to read also! I don’t know though….I may get too comfortable and fall asleep!

You can find these wonderful home theater recliners, plus many more styles, at Gallery Furniture. This Houston furniture store also carries pieces for your living room, bedroom, home office and dining room. There is also someone to help you design your area. I would certainly have to use this service when designing our home theater. I know what I like but I have a tendency of picking pieces that really don’t go together well!

Do you think I could find one of these popcorn machines to go in my home theater….and a drink machine?!

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Theresa said...

You know, I have friends who have a home theatre room .... and they DO have a real popcorn machine and they actually USE it!! LOL