Sunday, July 22, 2007

Second Chances

I was just thinking about how God gives us second chances all the time. In fact, each morning there are new mercies. I know that it is very easy to be judgemental of those who have problems…especially those who have addictions to drugs and alcohol. I think it’s mainly because their actions are so obvious and can be seen. In all honesty, none of us are perfect and we all struggle with something…with some kind of addiction and we all need second chances. I would hate to think that if I were in trouble and needed help, that people would be judging me instead of getting me help. That’s really sad and I feel for those people who experience this kind of treatment.

I have noticed that a lot of the rehab centers are very nice and decorated beautifully. I think it’s wonderful that these addiction treatment centers do this because I really feel like people with drug and alcohol addictions should be treated to this kind of atmosphere….mainly because I think that a lot of the people who are struggling with addictions feel they are not worthy of this kind of treatment. They have such low self-esteem and that is probably why they have such addictions. I’m not saying that a “tough love” kind of approach is not necessary, I’m just saying that something little like having a beautiful room to sleep in can make a difference and make these people feel worthy of love and respect…which in turn can encourage them to work toward breaking their addictions!

It’s my hope that all of us can be just a smidge more understanding of people with addictions and a lot less judgemental of them. We all need to remember that we are given second chances every single day and don’t you think these hurting people deserve a second chance also? I do!

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