Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Van Thought it Was Wrecked!

Would you all believe that my oldest son has tricked our van...and our only means of transportation right now...into thinking it has been in a wreck?

Last night he was told to hop out and shut the side door. He jumped out and was trying to act all cool and...strong I guess...and he slammed the door pretty hard. I'm sure all the kids in the van thought it was terribly funny and everyone had been entertained quite well!

When Pete tried to start the van, it wouldn't start. This afternoon, AAA came and hauled the van to our mechanics place where we discovered that the inertia switch has probably been activated which means that the fuel line is shut....basically, when Nik slammed the door, the van thought it had been in a wreck and in an attempt to save my family's life from a burning fiery death, the van cut off the gas!

I loved my van before but now I really love my van! lol!

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Sonya said...

LOL! That's pretty cool! Now, if only your van could do something about those biscuits behind your tv!!!