Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In Trouble Again....

I don’t really keep up with all the celebrity gossip and who’s been out partying and such, but I have kind of kept up with Lindsay Lohan. It makes me sad that just a short time after being released from her addiction treatment in Malibu, she has been arrested again. I know a lot of people don’t feel sorry for her but gee whiz, I mean really, it is such a sad thing. I loved her in Parent Trap….she was so cute. She still is a pretty girl but if she continues on the path she is on, she won’t be for long. One can only abuse drugs for so long before they just start to completely deteriorate both physically and mentally. I wouldn’t wish this kind of downward spiral on anyone.

Regardless of the when, where and why, addiction is a terrible problem and seems to be rampant among young people. If it’s not alcohol then it’s narcotics. We are also hearing a lot about prescription drug addiction. It just seems like a lot of these young people are managing to ruin their lives and their careers. I just hate to see someone destroying themselves like this. I also think it’s sad that she doesn’t seem to have a lot of support other than a handful of friends. At least Paris had the support of her family when she was in trouble.

Obviously, the rehab center she was in was not the best one for her. Not that this particular drug treatment center is not good, in fact, I would think that they would be very equipped to deal with actors. I have always wondered how you can actually know that an actor is rehabilitatedcouldn’t she just “act”! I probably would!! I think it would be good for Lindsay to find a rehab center that is in another state. There are quite a few facilities out there and they are easy to find through a referral service.

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