Friday, July 27, 2007

Shopping the Easy Way

This is going to sound nuts to some of you but I really don’t like to shop!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to buy things, but I don’t like to shop for these things! I know it’s wise to comparison shop especially when you are going to be purchasing a large ticket item. I just don’t have the patience though. I really would prefer to buy the first thing I see even if it’s ten dollars more. I’m nuts that way!

So, why do I do this? Simple, I hate going to all the different stores. That’s why I really like these sites where I can compare prices. I can comparison shop at and find a huge selection of different items…and I can do all of this in my pajamas! When I find the best price, I can get ready and go to just that one store or better yet, I can stay in my pajamas and order online! Of course, this is a huge time saver but it also saves me a lot of money because I’m not going into ten different stores and being lured into buying all those things I don’t really need.

One of the features that offers is a price comparison toolbar that you can install. This toolbar is easy to download and is spyware free and doesn’t require any personal information. It is simply a tool to make your searches and comparison shopping a lot quicker.

Not only can you comparison shop with the toolbar, but you can be kept up to date with the current postings on the comparison shopping blog. This is a neat blog with product reviews and price comparisons, sale announcements and more. You can also become a contributor to the blog if you are interested in writing articles about online shopping. Neat!

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Definitely a cool place to do your online shopping.