Thursday, July 12, 2007

Body Piercings

Do you have body piercings?

I have known people who have piercings but, personally, I have none. That’s not to say I would never get one…I’ve just never really thought about it. I do know one thing, I don’t think I’m brave enough to get Nipple Rings or a tongue ring. Both of those look too painful!

What I would give a try are the belly button rings! There are quite a few styles that are very nice. Maybe I’ll pick this one as a gift for myself after I lose a lot of weight! It fits with “pink and green” theme.

I also like this toe ring.

***This is a sponsored post.***

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Misty Dawn said...

I have my belly-button pierced. It was my last 'hoorah' when I turned 30 (besides, my husband thinks it's sexy). My step-daughter got hers before me, and I had promised that I would get mine done. Now we pick out and buy each other belly button rings - it's fun! She got me a Cleveland Indians one for Christmas. I love all the choices there are for the belly rings - my favorites are the dangly ones, for when you are going out and wearing a cropped shirt.

The guy who pierced my belly button told me this... The belly button piercing doesn't hurt too bad when you get it done, but it is sore for about a week afterward. The nipple ring is quite painful when it is done, but it's about 30 seconds of pain and then it's done and over-with.

My step-son said that getting your tongue pierced does not hurt at all. He said "Biting your tongue hurts a lot worse than getting it pierced"

Ok - I'll finish this 'body piercing pain 101' LOL

M said...


But seriously, you can take a ring or barbell out of a piercing, whereas a tattoo is permanent...

Take care.