Thursday, July 12, 2007

Letter for Crazy Tanya

Hey Crazy Tanya!

I know how much you like to watch movies and tv shows and that’s why I thought of you when I visited this blog tonight! Of course, I think you would like all the movie discussions even if no one is talking about Booty Call. You will also find movie reviews…so who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

Now, when you’re not in the mood to watch Booty Call, or some other crazy movie, you can check out the reviews for tv shows. Of course, you may not find the shows you watch….you may have to request a review! Oh, how scary! Lol!!

Your friend,

ps...I forgot to tell you that you can win a dvd just for leaving your opinion! Cool!

***This is a sponsored post.***

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Anonymous said...

I'm going there right now, if I'm not on my motorcycle I'm watching TV.
Still need help with starting my blog.
Crazy Tanya

Sonya said...

Oh yes Crazy Tanya, you NEED a blog! I need to read your blog since I never get to see you anymore! Jenny, help the girl get a blog going! With all three of us blogging, there's no stopping our craziness! LOL!