Friday, July 20, 2007

Jake's Squished Penny

Jake loves to squish pennies!

This penny was squished while we were on vacation Myrtle Beach. We always go to eat at House of Blues. This past time, Jake was thrilled to discover the penny machine . Of course, he had to squish a penny for his collection. The penny machine was the basic type of machine, not a themed one, and he had to crank the handle in order to shape the penny into an elongated coin. I think he may have gotten his penny a little askew because it looks a little wonky…he’s just a kid! Nonetheless, he was thrilled with his new addition to his collection.

We have also seen penny machines at the Knoxville Zoo but they were not hand-crank machines. There’s just something about turning the crank to smoosh the penny…it’s very gratifying and much more fun than just pushing a button!

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