Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Threatened Bumbleebees!

I had no idea that bumblebees were considered “threatened”!

I was over at a personalized news site that I had just found out about and I had searched for “organ donation”. In all honesty, I’m not even sure what results were pulled up because I honed in on an article about bumblebees: The Bumblebee Conservation Trust . This search led me to an interesting site that has tons of information about bumblebees and their conservation. I wish I were a better gardener so I could create a lovely bumblebee habitat but alas, my thumb is black!

I also searched for “octopus” and found an article on an “octisquid” that had been found in Hawaii. Now that is cool! Apparently, this creature is part squid and part octopus….interesting!

I really like reading articles about animals, especially interesting ones. What is neat about this new site is that my preferences will be logged so that when I visit again I will have a page of articles that fit my interests. That means saved time for me because I won’t have to sift through articles that are of no interest! Another neat feature of this site is that you can submit your own articles for others to read.

I’ll be checking this site often since it will be such a time-saver for me!

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Dawn Burns said...

Interesting Blog!


Melanie said...

My son Nick would love a site full of interesting animal articles and science ones too! I am also among the black thumb variety so helping the bumblebee is not in my parameter of skills! Thanks for visting my first Wordless Wednesday!

Lavender said...

Interesting stuff there Jenny, I love to learn about animals too - never get tired of it!
Ive been having trouble with html in blogger all morning, so I cant get a link here now - sorry!...
YOUVE BEEN TAGGED! See my blog post for July 12th -
Enjoy! ;)

Misty Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing the site! Sounds very interesting - I bookmarked it right away!