Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Face Behind the Blog

I don't know whether to be excited about this or to somehow find Sassy and pinch her head off! lol!! Sassy tagged me for this meme last month and I've been putting off taking photos of myself because I'm not photogenic at all...even Pete agrees!

So here goes.....

I'm Jenny-up the hill and I live...well...I live up the hill! I've been married 14 years to the one and only Pete who I love very much...he's a lot of fun and is always the life of the party! He's good for little ol' dramatic me! We have five children: three living (13, 11, 6) and two in Heaven, Sam 19 weeks gestation and Gus 16 months. I have started a ministry to encourage other families who have chronically ill children or who are suffering the loss of a's called Gus' Gang. I teach my children at home.

I am a self-taught quilter, crocheter and rubber stamp carver. I love bright colors...especially pink! My favorite drink is Cheerwine and I love chocolate covered coffee beans. I hate mascara that smudges...I really hate it!

I started blogging when we first came home from the NICU with Gus...that was when he was about 6 months old. I blogged to let people know how he was doing and what the other children were learning and doing. Some people were concerned about us homeschooling when I had such a huge responsibility taking care of Gus...I just wanted to reassure them that all my children were doing well! After Gus died, I continued to blog for therapy and realized that I enjoyed writing...even though I strongly stink at it! lol! I wrote a novel last's a very rough draft so don't ask to read it! I have found that I write quite differently when I blog...I'm conversational with lots of pauses (....). Pete says that I can learn to write...I don't know about that but I think I'll give it a try. Don't expect to see anything great here though...this is the place I come to dump by brain...plop!

Enough, I know...on with the photos.....

This is, I need some smaller frames those are honkin" huge! I want some of those small thick frames that look nerdy...really, I do! I think they would make me feel smart!

This is a Stacey inspired pose! Stacey is super funny and her blog is a complete hoot!!

This is the artsy pose...for my serious artsy moments...

I'm supposed to tag someone but I honestly have no idea who to tag!! I think I've tagged everyone I know several times this past week! lol!! So, if you want to play along, please do and be sure to come back here to let me know so I can come "see" you!
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Sassy said...

Bravo Jenny. I loved it. You wanna hear something eerie? I have kids almost 13,11 and 6. How cool is that? I have always wanted to learn to quilt just don't have the time. Maybe you can teach me one day *wink*.

Sonya said...

You don't even look the same now that your hair has grown so much! I love the pictures since I'm sure you rarely ever take them of yourself! Maybe I'll be brave enough to do this sometime in the future, say, after I've lost 20 pounds! LOL!

TeaMouse said...

You are so!

For the record - I think you took a good pic, it's nice to see the face behind the blog.

I'm not ready for that just yet, maybe one day!

Tricia said...

Hey it's good to know more about you! You've been leaving comments regularly on mine and my husbands blogs (although they get stuck in spam for some reason??) so I already felt like I knew you a bit. Now I know you better.

Love the pics!

BTW your comments are not following. Did you make a theme change? You need to remove two nofollow tags from your template to be nofollow. Can you get back to me on this so I can verify you fixed the situation? Thanks and sorry!

Stacey said...

Jenny, I completely missed this post! Oh too funny girl! Mmmmhmmm, that chin thing works for you too, love it! You're a hoot! xoxo