Tuesday, July 31, 2007

HillBilly Book Barn

Yep...that's the name of our local used bookstore for homeschoolers! Isn't that funny!! You should see the stacks and stacks of books...lots of books and great prices but I want to stick a fork in my eye because it is not organized. Actually, there is organization, just not how I would do it....and that is why when I visit this bookstore owned by a wonderfully helpful lady, my OCD tendencies really show themselves!!

Was it bad for me to organize two of the shelves???? I wonder if she would let me come in one day and just restack the books....and put them in order by subject and then size....and then by the color of the spine....I would do it for free....otherwise, I'm going to need some therapy because I'm completely freaked out right now! lol!!

I did find some things for school though......Neat!

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Sonya said...

That place always looks that way! You should help her if you have time. I think she'd appreciate it and it would help you get the organizing bug out! I need to go up there real soon!