Thursday, July 19, 2007


Can you even imagine?! I saw a similar story on the Discovery Channel about a woman that came into the ER...or I guess it's the ED (Emergency Department)now and she was complaining about these bumps on her head moving around. Finally, the doc caught sight of one of the larvae sticking his little head out of one of the bumps! Freak me out...just go ahead and send me on to my Maker if this ever happens to me!!

Listen to the feed below and tell me that you didn't start scratching your head about half way through the feed! lol!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey I went to Belize back in November better have Michael check my head, I may have an excuse why I'm crazy. LOL
Crazy Tanya

Sonya said...

I read about this and it almost made me chuck my supper! I did scratch my fact, I still am! Yuck-O!